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Nginx came with this HTTP stub status module that you can get the current server status in a HTML page. However it’s not pretty comparing to Lighttpd’s and Apache’s. Moreover, the information it provides is a bit cryptic.

For example, when you browse to the stub status page (please refer to the wiki document linked earlier on how to set it up), all you get is 4 lines of text:

$ curl http://myserver/nginx_status
Active connections: 183 
server accepts handled requests
 914384 914384 2725561 
Reading: 3 Writing: 2 Waiting: 178

Not very meaningful. Instead, I wrote a small Python script (download here: nginxstats.py (2.3kb)) that does something like this:

$ ./nginxstats.py http://myserver/nginx_status
Conn     Conn/s     Request/s  Read  Write Wait
-------- ---------- ---------- ----- ----- -----
     157       9.57      31.07     0     2   155
     140      10.20      36.13     0     1   139
     147       9.33      33.60     0     4   143
     189      12.60      40.07     1     4   184
     164      13.07      41.53     5     2   157

Basically it fetches the data from the stub status page every 30 seconds (configurable in the script) and then do some calculation to find out how many connections have been established within the time frame, and what’s the average connections/second and requests/second. Similar to tools like vmstat, it basically runs continuously (until interrupted).

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LiveScience Technology

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The new technology made VPS Xen enclose the full power of a dedicated and reliability of server virtualization: Each virtual enjoy full hardware redundancy and thus protected from possible broken disc and has the exclusivity of resources.

The service is designed to give customers complete autonomy in the management of the entire system: from the root shell to install / update of system components, to more advanced services through a special panel for managing the VPS: HyperVM.

Through it is indeed possible to run backup (which will be stored on a remote storage connected to a fiber optic) without causing the entire system down the virtual server, access the shell via terminal even if the VPS is not reachable via the network ( and view messages from the operations of boot).

Acer Aspire ONE

Acer Aspire ONE è una linea di computer portatili di ridotte dimensioni messa sul mercato da Acer. Si basa sulla piattaforma Intel Atom che prevede l’uso di un processore Intel Atom N270, della scheda madre Intel 945GSE Express e del chipset (controller I/O) Intel 82801GBM.
Il netbook arriva a pesare meno di un chilogrammo e il suo pannello LCD da 8,9 pollici permette di raggiungere una risoluzione di 1024×600 pixel. Il sistema operativo installato può essere Windows XP oppure Linpus Linux, una distribuzione GNU/Linux basata su Fedora.
La durata delle batterie dipende dal numero di celle che le compongono: 2 ore di autonomia per una batteria a  3 celle mentre 5 ore di autonomia per una batteria a 6 celle.