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A dedicated Windows Server is the solution to host one or several web site. Custumer leases or rents the Windows server machine and it has complete control over dedicated windows server.

Windows servers are easy to manage and maintain and have multiple extensions and services that easily integrate with other popular Microsoft technologies. (more…)


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Game servers can be classified as listen servers and dedicated servers. Listen servers are run on the same machine as the game client. When the client disconnects, the server is shut down, as the server and host client are run together. Listen servers usually cannot support many players, due to bandwidth and CPU requirements. The software running the listen server typically limits the number of players for this very reason. (more…)

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When a virtual private server is starting to be busy and overcharged, it is time to switch to a dedicated server. How to find entry level web server?

The planet offers a cheap dedicated server which costs less then 90$ (https://www.theplanet.com/servers/u100/): It is a Celeron 2.0+ processor dedicated server, with 80 gigabytes of ide or sata hard disc, ram is 512 MB and bandwith size is very huge 750 GB. To buy it your have to pay 89.95$ every month.

Godaddy economy dedicated servers cost 79.99 dollars and they give you a Celeron 2.0GHz processor wiht 1 GB RAM, 500 GB of bandwidth, a 120 GB hard drive (http://www.godaddy.com/gdshop/hosting/dedicated.asp)

Webhosting.uk.com sells to 79 £ (about 112.50 $) a Dell poweredge servers with Intel core 2 duo (2.2 Ghz) processors, 1 GB memory, hard disc 160 GB sata and bandwidth 2500 GB  (http://www.webhosting.uk.com/dedicated-servers-web-hosting.php)

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