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Cheap virtual private server offers today.

You can get a 1 GB RAM VPS for only 34.95 dollars (u.s. dollars) monthly.



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Virtual private servers or Virtual dedicated servers are a form of virtualization that split a single physical server into multiple virtual servers. The practice of partitioning a single server so that it appears as multiple servers has long been common practice in mainframe computers, but has seen a resurgence lately with the development of software and technologies such as VMware, Xen, FreeBSD Jail, User-mode Linux, Linux-VServer, FreeVPS, OpenVZ, and Virtuozzo.

Virtual private servers have also become popular for their ability to establish sandboxes. For example, a single physical server might have two virtual private servers running: one hosting the production-level (live) website, and a second which houses a copy of it. When updates to crucial parts of software need to be made, they can be tested in the second VPS, allowing for detailed testing to be conducted without requiring several physical servers. (more…)

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A virtual private server can be managed or not managed. A managed VPS is a virtual server that is handled by web provider. You have only to use a web hosting panel like Cpanel, plesk and a FTP account.
Updates and security patches are applied by your vps hosting provider to your vps managed.

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